Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i love to laugh, and have noticed of late i have found myself developing a new laugh noise - kind of a high pitched giggle, a bit like Dolores Umbridge - wonderfully played by Imelda Staunton in the last Harry Potter movie..... though not as snide as that, more playful.
Sean Locke just made me produce a few watching on the big telly live from the Apollo, especially love the way had a go at the new security staff at Wembley Stadium - 'Response Squad' (or deluded lollipop men tee hee....) as they are known - well, just have a look and listen..... at the clip in the iphone box above
very funny and up the system...... love it

I predicted that the teacher who named the teddy bear would be released quickly, and that Gordon Brown would be straight off the mark to take all the accolades for getting her released - its like a script from Yes Minister - 'we need something to take the great british public's mind off the fact we are all being found out to be just a sleazy as the tories' type of affair - perfect and what a load of old crock. The press is so fickle and fell hook line and sinker - blown up mass media hysteria and jingoism....hate it hate it.....

Did a gig with the utterly charming and eloquent Mr Garth Hewitt last week at Sunderland - he sang and talked and informed and cared... I provided the PA and lights..... very intimate and caring stuff and what a good harmonica player he is.... and he never missed a chord all night on his geetar.....

And his love of the countries and people he holds in his heart, especially Sounth Africa and Palestine, Bethlehem...about the injustice of the awful wall and the death of trees, of hope, very powerful images by Wilf Whitty projected on a big screen of these people and places as Garth tells the story we do not hear on the BBC news or in the newspapers.
Garth, you are an inspiration, and truely a wonderful man.

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