Friday, November 09, 2007

The fart of a beetle.

We are not what we do
Or what we eat
We are not what we say
We are not soul


Not yet soul

We are not our mirror's reflection
Or our senses' perception

All have bearing, though, incomplete portrayal,

Of what we are.

I am not what I think I am
I am not my own worst enemy.

We are mass; exist....
We are colour and form and feeling
Stardust, oh yes.
Absolutely connected
Ancient myceleum strands

Connected threads, almost invisible
Back to the root
The heart, the heart centre.

We are not what we do, say, see, touch, feel.

All have bearing, remember this -
All sensed, has bearing, my dears.

So, wtf... the fart of a beetle???
Yes, radio 4 is such a mine of info on a long car journey, invaluable mind alerting and stimulating when sometimes music is sending you sleepy.
Yes, the fart of a beetle, one very special beetle - the Bombardier beetle is changing the world.
Listen again here

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