Monday, December 10, 2007

The Dream Part 3

barely awake
totally blissed out

have met God himself i think in the big dream

scaling a mountain, invited and not knowing at first

met the devil too, in prefab sprouts back yard in Durham cathedral no less,or around about it
I denied him, the devil that is and had to understand when God threw out of his palace someone who ate the chicken soup that was the dreams' devils own brew.
I feel it was someone very close and I couldn't stop them, because it was their choice, not mine to make for them.
The devil was around and kind up turned up as and when he wanted, but i didn't fear him, however i knew one day i would have to meet him at his very worst, and there may be fear involved then, who knows, its in the future that...

I oversaw this most wonderful festival, from the hill that overlooks the place i was brought up in from pontop down over dipton - yet the festival was going on 'over there' - beyond where i was currently at - yet i saw it in its most wonderful splendour - it wasn't called greenbelt, but it sure looked like greenbelt
i was present at something, a gathering, that was looking down into, onto my home, and i was thinking or telling those around me - 'LOOK' - down there, over there, because the down was kind of angled up, just beyond the borders of where we were already gathering, yet there was no border. The border was in the mind, it was imaginary.
There was a building , an old decrepit falling down building that was kind of covered in sheets to try to disguise it, scaffolding and sheets, but i was aware that the truth lay beneath those sheets, and maybe that's a church i am thinking now - the church maybe - something we see every day but just totally ignore because it is old and decrepit, even covered in scaffolding and sheets we don't notice it, it is there, i held trepidation of what it was in the dream, but i am wondering now, and why it was there, part of the landscape of the most beautiful festival i have ever seen, with sheets and scaffolding
- is it being rebuilt?

So I was running away, on the run from Prefab Sprout no less, scared cos I had stole something from them I think - in cars going down Medomsley Bank, I was with someone - a woman - I ran but was caught up, and led into one of their rehearsals - it wasn't the prefab sprout that i have seen or heard before, but paddy was there and Martin too, so it may have been. Anyway, they made me in a way listen to them play, out of nothing, without looking at each other, they began to play the most wonderful, simple song, music that enchanted and soothed and i fell for them I told them that prefab sprout was a crap name but i was in love with there music, i knew they would hate me for hating their name, but they smiled and i was in. I was one of them - not playing in the band but knew i had connected - an invisible knowing.
Paddy led me out into his garden, and on the way out i was smiling at every one, i met his father. they were living in such a wonderful place, really near where i know, but never realised the beauty of til i saw it from their own back yard. Amazing.

Dream is misting now, as i find myself in this cathedral like place, on a mountain, near to home - meeting people and talking and learning. This is where the devil and his accomplice where denied by me before i knew who he was, and where God resided,
I met him on the top floor, briefly, but cannot picture his face, I just know it was Him, the great Yahweh.... I tool some instruction, which is now hidden inside me...
I attended a service of sorts, looking down again from pontop woods on to the playing fields of my childhood, totally connected to all who were there, there were rows of pew like seats, but i knew i wasn't able to touch the ground there, and had to stick to walking on the right path to interact with those around, otherwise i would be sinning, and i just didn't want to do that in this dream - it wasn't an option.....

Last part of the dream i had to pick up scrap and a written list of given objects from predefined addresses on my way home from the service in the great cathedral overlooking my youth... Some of them were old signs made of metal, and from different locations on my scrap of paper - but when i presented myself to the binmen who were on the road i was on as my first
collection point, they were already expecting me, and all my list was ready there waiting for me, ready to load on to my low loader......

man i am still blissed, amazed by the clarity and colour of these heavenly dreams.

I hope you dont mind me troubling you with them - but feel you need to know.

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