Sunday, January 06, 2008

The turn of the year

With great sadness I have just heard of the death of John O'Donohue - speaker, philosopher and poet - and in tribute I have reloaded some video we captured of him speaking at GB07, will re listen to the words and the poignancy of those words. Some people you meet, or see performing, lecturing, speaking, immediately cut through all your barriers and talk directly into your open heart, and John was one of those very rare people.
I met him, introduced briefly by Pip to him just after the above talk he had just completed - we shook hands and he called me 'Mr MP3' - I was wearing reflective bono style shades, and he said i should never take them off, the fitted the image of mr mp3 so well- we laughed, i said 'NEVER take them off? - ever?'
They shall be worn in your honour Mr O'D, every time.

This is ending off a very difficult week in many ways, may be able to blog more details soon, but unable to elaborate too much, suffice to say I am being harassed to the point of having to bring in the police to interject, all by email at the moment, but the harasser has all my home details and phone numbers and is making very open threats. Though not totally anonymous to me, this harasser and I became known to each other through one very well known internet auction site where his details are not as transparent as they could be. The police so far have been very good, and supportive and are far better placed to deal with this person than I in these circumstances so hopefully when I can I will tell more.
Its not a pleasant thing to be threatened by anyone, but out of every problem arises opportunity, as someone once said - so i have had the past few days really thinking about how I approach certain things, the way I do them and the way I will have to do them in the future.
A big change or changes on the not too distant horizon one feels.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year, all was good here, all apart from the recurring flu-like nasties that seem to be plaguing us since early december - on to my 3rd dose since then.

stay safe....... don't fear....... have faith



1 i z said...

Sounds stressful. Take care big man.

bigjohn said...

thanks liz, appreciated

Dave said...

Heh Big Man

Just read this - hope all is OK in Geordie Land for you and family.

Take Care