Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dark Times

Politics is not something that usually interests me, either big P Politics, or little p politics.

Of course it is something that affects everyone, so cannot always be ignored. Unfortunately.

Spent all night watching the UK election on Thursday / Friday, and since, with great interest trying to see through the dark mist of the power play that has resulted, like many I would guess.

My feeling is that all is not quite what it seems.

Clegg not wanting to be seen to not 'do the right thing' in the eyes of the Electorate had to go to Cameron first, that is clear. Worry is though that he gives in to empty promises and pressure from media to sign up with a party that clearly would dump him the first opportunity they get, perhaps a year or less down the line with a snap election. It is clear Tories would do or say anything to get the keys to Number 10 at the moment. They are desperate.
It may happen, and that would be the worst thing for most of us in the UK. Not for the rich or status quo power makers, who fear most of all any move towards a political system that actually meant never again they would be able to execute absolute control.

However, in this dark time of secret meetings and behind-closed-doors dealmaking, there is a chink of light, a glimpse that I am surprised is not yet being explored as a real possibilty.
Perhaps it will materialise within the next few days.

Interesting that Gordon B hs gone home back to Scotland for the weekend, to chill.

My hope is that before any deal is done that Cleggy gets a wee chance to do the same.

Watching and listening and waiting with (surprising) interest here.

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