Thursday, March 25, 2010

Capturing Moments

That (in linear time) tiny space between sleep and waking can be filled with such an expanse of compacted, seemingly un-connected and fast-forwarded, (or rewind even), moments, but - usually within a few seconds - being awake kicks in, and the conscious thought processes all too quickly override that 'thin' place between the sea of dreams and the shore of awake.
But there are times when one just manages to linger, to hold on for a few more nanoseconds in an attempt to explore that holy space.
I am not sure if those nano-moments are ever meant to be truly captured. Maybe they are always meant to remain unchained, like some wild and untame-able reflection of human soul and spirit, and a glimpse into that sacred space that John O'Donohue so wisely named as the place deep within us all that 'no other created thing can ever touch'
He did advocate that one should try to get what we can make of this precious time down onto paper as often as we can, as he believed that this inner-celestial 3D movie show was really a place to explore, and through our journey into it, we can try to reveal and maybe even begin to unravel some of our own mystery to ourselves.

Or maybe its just the brain rebooting itself into the day. Who knows. My own awaking brain often displays the typical behavior of a beat-up, heavily virus-ridden, short-on-memory clapped out old banger of a PC..... but sometimes, surprisingly to my own self, kicks in faster and more ergonomically delightful than anything Steve Jobs' team could ever design.
These occasions should be noted, its certainly a good habit to do that I am convinced. After the call of nature is answered and the kettle is clicked on first of course. (But even before then if possible).

So, that brings me to Capturing Moments, and that phrase seem to me is what we all are about really - its what we all do in this modern age, its our culture. We Facebook update it, camera click it, email it, glance-at-our-loved-ones-and-store-it, jot it down, Twitter it.
That capture of the moment, and expression of it, of the feeling / emotional state we are currently in is in itself a mysterious and wonderful event. My mate Pip is always banging on about expressing these feelings and emotions, and how important it is to not let them just swim around inside you, festering away and eating you from the inside. Until you actually reveal in some way to someone else, or to God if you are that way inclined, these feelings, then and only then do they become real. I love him for keeping banging on about it by the way, do read his blog and allow yourself to be gently baptised in the drip drip holy water of his kindness and wisdom - over here...

Some moments you don't want to capture though. Some you just want to completely block out and wish you never had lived. Some moments have the ability to become your enemy - you start to fear them and lock them away so deep you think they will never will be able to escape. You dismiss them at your peril, as these mental Polaroids usually have teeth sharp enough to cut through any internal steel prison bars you build to house them in.
The danger here also is that we do manage to express and 'let out', release, these enemy moments to other humans and our behavior at that time can be very destructive as we allow the monster to hurt others as much as they are hurting ourselves - sometimes with unforgivable results.
Perhaps that is the very essence of misunderstanding. Not being able to process these enemy moments properly is maybe what keeps us from progressing forward on our journey through life, without leaving a Tsunami trail of unhappiness and pain in our wake that others have to try and rebuild when we are long gone.

So, write 'em down. Record and edit them. The good and the bad. Sing about them. Talk about them. Twitter the tits out of them :-)

I am off to search for my Love filter first though. Where did I put it? I know its close by somewhere.......


Rainbow dreams said...

Sometimes perhaps it's like a bomb we need to diffuse before we throw it out to others...ultimately it may be useful as a tool to talk about, but only once it is made safe so it can't hurt anyone else...?

Recently I saw something that said that actually most people are fairly honest in their facebook status updates, which kind of made sense to me because they are more impulsive updates.

I guess everyone wants to be understood and the connections and links we all make helps in that search perhaps... 'tis good :)

However, I am hoping for some slightly less bizarre than usual dreams to haunt my waking moments tomorrow morning though!!

Rainbow dreams said...

It's good to pop by again btw :) cheers