Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adventures in technology

Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, in which the Julie in the movie's title decides to do a daily blog for one year, the theme of which is to do all the recipes out of the Julia of the movie's title's world famous cookbook.

Julie did 524 recipes in a single year, and blogged about them over exactly 365 days.

Then went on to have a movie made about it all.

Now, if that happens with this I will of course be delighted, and of course promise not to change and always remember my humble roots and keep my feet on the ground, and..... yeah right....

I always think the best blogs are the ones that talk about real stuff, stuff that the blogger actually cares about, or knows a little about, or is interested in trying to discover something about.
I really like technology, am baffled by much of it, and forever trying to figure out, so what, what will that little bit of technology do for me???
Sometimes that will mean my going off on a tangent for days on end, trying to get something to do something it was probably never intended for in the first place... other times, coming across simple ways do do something I had previously spent an age trying to master... or at least have a basic understanding of.

So my 365 days of Adventures in Technology shall be filled with stuff that will be totally useless, frivolous, pointless... or may even make your life in some small teeny weeny way, just that ickle bit simpler. Or not. You may end up just wasting time trying some of the stuff out. Or not.

Here we go.....

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