Saturday, December 19, 2009

here is the thing... here is the thing


how do you, ( if you are interested in that kind of thing of course..._

how do you... we... grab the interest and intellect and heart and soul of someone who just doesn't really give a fuck.

tough job.

ok, let's aim lower....

How do you grab the interest, intellect, heart and soul, and re-position a soul who gives the impression that they don't really give a fuck... so Fuck off... fuck right off, you mutherfucking interfering fucking fuck. (and associated fuck off mentality)




really.... (give a fuck that is...)

its just that they don't really know what they give a fuck about yet,
thats all.

they appear and insist that they do not give a fuck.

But there honesty gives them away.

They, perhaps, haven't had it explained or offered up to them yet, the fact that some soul, some sacred and human-sent soul gave up everything, His life, his purpose and His body, just perchance that someone, somewhere down the line would actually hear the Echo that forever resounds

Or they have not EXPERIENCED a massage from the Almighty in that direction,

I don;t know

Maybe overly trying to cleverly explain the meaning of existence here (another tough job...)

Back to the reason

That may lead one to actually give a fuck...

Offering up, if we look closely enough

A mirror

That suddenly, or sweetly

Or over time and circumstance and graceful entity

Reveals the purpose of existance and time.

Oh what a moment lies ahead for those who appear to not give a fuck, but secretly and unspokingly harbour the knowledge that,

well... yes

I really do give a fuck

I just don't know what I give a fuck about yet.

Thats all

That is the Christmas message

Wonder if I can get away with it on my cards I haven't sent out?

"Oh sweet, sweet FA
Do, oh DO Inhabit the emptiness of forlorn abandonment
And make me give a fuck.



pip said...

was you drunk when you did this one?
hangover now?

you are beautiful


Anonymous said...

may i suggest all you really give a fuck about is the sound of your own voice?

bigjohn said...

thanks anonymous.
to chicken to leave your name eh?

anyhow, you may just be right, it is my blog after all.

so what do you give a fuck about?

Obviously I am humbled that you include me in your list of course, enough to take the time to leave your lovely message :-)

happy new year.

bigjohn said...

yeah pip, was drunk, well spotted.

Friday Night Epiphany.

Don't remember having a hangover though, considered removing as drunken nonsense, but I am sure I was on to something and wanted to capture the moment.