Tuesday, December 30, 2008

in bits

hey, as you can well imagine i am in fucking bits here

apologies for the profanities but please excuse and try to read past them its the way we talk here in this part of the world

and i just buried me mother.... so be brave and read on

i want to talk of leadership

who we follow

today i reluctantly found myself in the position of leading because that was the role take it or leave it.

i could have left it

but i am too curious and needy to pass the opportunity by

today is a day i have dreaded and tried to ignore

tough shit

get on and deal with it is all my faith allowed me

i am thankful for that in then aftermath

i spoke with brilliant words from a brilliant book...... benedictus by john odonohue

of mother
of grief

the biggest gig of my life

the priest was apathetic he did not know my mother... he got her name wrong from the outset

i cried out and put him straight J.O.A.N.

and took a lead and did not want this role

i was thanked by family and friends alike afterwards for bringing some real into the event

death is not an event says john o'd

not for yourself says i

for others it is massive

i never wished for this day
i am thankful i was in the company of angels and wise words of those gone before

and friends who hold you just as you are about to fall

god bless them all xxx

i drink from the fountain

it is alcohol laced

and welcome

water into wine

rejoice in the life that produced me

and the people i encounter along the road less travelled

you are my guiding lights

shine on


Anonymous said...

am with you and have been all day my palestinian brother... dear prophet

1 i z said...

Thinking of you loads. Big hugs.