Wednesday, December 31, 2008

flowers and a collection

I was cheeky yesterday and asked for a collection, in memory of mam, to send to Willowburn Hospice, and also to support the Crows Nest Playground in Bethlehem, the only playground in Beit Sahur, a part of Bethlehem, which I visited earlier this year.
I was amazed to find out today that people gave almost £500 in that collection. Stunning. The church was full.
I am planning to hand over the share of the money to the Playground appeal at the end of January at a special event in Stockport, with a note explaining the donation from the family and friends of mam.

You can read more about that event here:

You can also support it here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

in the words of WH Auden, you really are a splendid bugger!

in the midst of all your hurts you remember....

you are truly beautiful!