Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tongue tied and twisted

yep, thats me
just an earthbound misfit

just back from a midnight raid on a retail park (salvaging, re-recycling....)
cardboard and foam if you wonder are my prizes.

doing the things that need to be done to keep the big bad wolf from the door.

pottering...... tinkering..... grabbing...... offering..... blagging

yep thats me

just an earthbound misfit



Anonymous said...

hey man - you ain't the only one - me thinks we're in good company!

Awareness said...

I'm in that boat too. Was even labelled a misfit by my boss! Hows that for affirmation?? I flipped her the bird and tickled her nose with my boa and promptly walked out of her office whistling. Nothing wrong with my response eh?

1 i z said...

If you're "earthbound", where are you now?

Enquiring minds and all...