Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stories From A Land Once Called Holy

48 hours ago, almost to the minute I decided I needed to learn Apple Keynote 08 to produce something that would continue the process of me unloading some of the stories from our recent trip to Palestine.
I wanted to create something new, spectacular, but with simplicity at its core.
And truth.
Plenty of editing and frustration and tearing my hair out, and a few hours kip later, here it is

Palestine - Stories From A Land Once Called Holy - Preview

a preview of more to come I do hope, much more.

Thanks to Keynote, Logic Studio, iTunes, Visual Hub and youtube.
And pips old iPhone, which most of the video and all of the music was made on.
Thanks to the people of Palestine for allowing us to photograph, video and record to mp3 their stories, and thanks to you for lending your ear to them, especially at this time of year when we think of that place called Bethlehem, not just an ancient biblical town that we sing of once a year, but a real place where all of this is going on right now.

And, they say, there is always a price to pay for getting involved with change and action.
So I apologise to my wife and 2 lovely kids for being a total pratt these past 2 days while I try to deal with what needs to be done with all this stuff.

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Rainbow dreams said...

pleased you got there in the end :) Good to see it, thank you for sharing and letting us see a glimpse of what you did, your patience is much appreciated.