Sunday, October 12, 2008

When man becomes Human

Pulling threads
They get woven, into
Ancient tapestry.

Moving pictures
Changing as each colour
Is added

Strand upon strand
Textures mingle
Earth brown and red
Deep blue and
Crashing sea foam white

Tendermost touch
Innnermost desires

Etched into issue
Hand-carved into form

Played into music
Stretched into movement
Hounded like bitches
Pierced with arrows, swords

Or nails

Drowned by desire
Doggedly chased
Running, always running
Toward convoluted, complicated

Man becomes human
After finally falling
Breathless and broken
And offers his face

Not to the earth
Or into deep space
But straight in the eye
As he comes face to Face

To the man become Human
Not the demon inside
To the Man become human
To the centre of Grace

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