Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fat Lad in a holy place day 1

I got a txt message today within 5 minutes of switching on my mobile uopn landing at Tel Aviv airport. It reads "Marhaba. Smell the jasmine and taste the olives..."

It was from the local mobile phone network of course, but a nice welcome all the same...

Its warm here - sultry, balmy, hot.....

We travelled by bus through an amazing landscape that is stone and mountain and barbed wire and olive trees.
Men with rifles and machine guns at checkpoints
We drove on roads that are only open to a selected few and were just able to view beyond high concrete walls broken down half demolished towns and gleaming new multi story lego brick illegal new ones springing up to replace them

Men sitting outside boarded up buildings and sparsley filled shops.
It is beautiful here.
It is well broken here.
I am in shock and weary from travel and lack of sleep

We have a haven to call our base, with a smoking room and delightful food.
We know we are privaleged and torn with what we already have viewed, touched on, and this grandness we inhabit currently. We know we bring much needed currency into the econom also
We yearn for red wine and cigars and the chance of luxery for all, not just a selected few.

We visited the place where Jesus Christ was born.
A shrine, also beautiful and well broken and division even reigns within the walls of the church that has been built up upon this holy cave over 2 millennial

We have a great guide who is our storyteller and we listen and try to take in the essence of where we are.

Please pray for us if you are the praying kind that we can find the source and bring it forth baby....


Anonymous said...

grace says: please can you have nice time and we will miss you, every night we will log on to see what you have been doing we like photos xxx

pab said...

Thanks for posting this. In many ways I wish Em & I were there with you, but at least we'll be able to see glimpses of the trip through your lens and words.

bigjohn said...

hi mrs jules and grace and danny... missing you awfully xxxx

cheers pab and emma.... you will come one day and you will not regret, its difficult to put into words all that is going on, but there is no option but to try.....