Friday, August 29, 2008

home at last

Just felt it, i have been back in sunny tantobie (lol) since tuesday, in body, but just now, late friday the rest of 'me' seems to have landed.
I am still buzzing in the brain, whilst the skin covered stuff has pretty much gone into shutdown all week.
I am under instructions to get my arse into gear first thing (!!!!!) tomorrow by Mrs Jules, she apparently has a list........ :-O

Got to get on with much needed home repairs and get some gear shifted to pay the usual end of month requests for my moolah from the usual suspects.

I am in the middle of editing some festival audio stuff, in the main an absolute blinder of a show from Martyn Joseph from Monday afternoon at the Centaur, which hopefully will find its way on to the GB website in the coming weeks in some format.
We got about 8 songs and it should be available as a free download to greenbelt volunteers, angels, workers soon.....
I am working on it....

I have seen Martyn almost every year since the mid 80's at some time over the festival, usually playing, but I have to say this is the best I have ever heard him play, and his singing ain't bad either :-)
He has a top sound man working for him also
His heart is really in GB, you can hear it plain as day.

Maybe its because I have listened to him over and over whilst working on the edit for the past few days, but I think his songs have worked their way deep under my skin.

He is doing a UK tour later in the year and highly advise you to go see him live.
He is also doing a workshop day thingy called PipeFest on Saturday 13th September at Lancaster Uni which sounds well worth a visit (already booked me ticket!)

A sneak preview should be playing for you right now over there to the right if you have your speakers on.....

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Rainbow dreams said...

look forward to hearing it on the web site maybe... we missed it by the skin of our teeth ~ children and portaloo problems!! :)

Fortunately we were lucky enough to have seen him live here on our small island a few years back which was some compensation!

hope you have a good weekend. Think we've landed too, reality calls, Katie