Sunday, May 04, 2008

coming home to yourself - is there a map?

or should it be found through instinct alone, or faith?

is there a sat-nav to the soul?

press a button or two, and then hit GO, and trust the machine......

Don't think they sell them in Curries though, or even on greEdBAY

(even though I admit i am a heavy user of the said t'internet auction site, and could fill up these pages with rants after rant of frustration and insult through my dealings on there - maybe i will some day!)

No, not a sat nav you can buy, but maybe there is a divine model that we are all born with

maybe its called a heart

thats the receiver, and it comes pre-tuned into the Source Transmitter Channel.

Though, granted, it is prone to fault, that human, created, fragile, life-pumping organic machine - and it sure does take you off down some outback - out-of-the-way dark, dangerous roads.
At times though, the scenery can be breathtaking.....

Mostly you miss it (the view), because you have focus only on what is directly in front of you.
Instead of around you, behind you, within you.....

I thank Pip for pointing me at this great website and its' riches within....

I had a real 'want to blog' feeling on thursday just gone, on my way to a meeting i attend once a month or so. It was related to that meeting, and the anniversary of 1 year exactly since I attended my first meeting there. I was SO 'in the blog' - feelings and words ready to type here, but i was driving, and on my way to the meeting (should have talked it into a dictation machine - note to myself....)
I wanted to be honest and let it all out

But I didn't, and the moment has passed...... maybe in time I will feel I want to share more of this but I guess I am still afraid a little to tell you who I am.

It was an achievement to celebrate, so I did, with one other, a stranger as it came to pass, who I ended up level 4-5 ing with pretty much after we started chatting. He is where I was about this time last year, the similarities really hit home.
I followed my heart satnav on thursday and began the journey home, to myself......

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