Friday, May 16, 2008

blog time, johnny....

i am aware..... (i like that opening line) - that much of what one writes in a blog goes un-noticed.
Slips by.
However, it increasingly seems to me just how wonderful it is to be able to vent, share, communicate, even with just maybe one other person (maybe even that 'one other person' is yourself re-reading what you blogged yourself somewhere down the line).
And to do that in such an accessible, immediate manner.

One must always self-edit in varying degree, and even delete even before the world (or that singular one-other person, if that be the case), ever gets to begin to understand even an inkling of what the hell you are trying to get at.
But one must stumble on, persevere, write. (right!)

One must do it with open-ness and, in my humble opinion, sincerity.

Humour is good, pics are good, music that encapsulates the state of mind you are in whilst you blog is good.
Linking is good.
Creativity is good.
Opinions, feelings, dreaming is good.
Wishing is good
regret is not good.

Here endeth the lesson for the day.........

However, I MUST note for the record how absolutely what a brilliant past couple of days me and the missus jules have had visiting Boristown.
The Big Smoke as it was known in my youth.
A real sense of appreciation came my way on this visit, of London.
We walked in a park, ate in great restaurants, stayed in a nice hotel.
We were lucky, because we also had the immense pleasure of the company of great people.
Friends and friends-becoming.

BIG ups go to Steve Dave Matt Emma Joan Dana and of course Dr. P. Wilson, Professor of Lovology (University of Life) BHP.
And to the Table group, who I surely will divulge more of as time passes......

Suffice to say, I am lifted by your being, my City fellows, and thank you all for allowing me to feel I am valuable, in some small way, also.


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Awareness said...

Salute to you too John!

I have been meaning to visit your blog to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you both. It was a great treat and a wonderful evening to start my week in Londontown.

If ever you find yourself looking west across the big pond....please know that my door is always open to you and your family.