Friday, April 25, 2008

breathing space


dont work


laze kick back


dont fight

recover re-create remind

i am wondering...... did you, all those years ago ever put your feet up
if you did i never heard any stories written about it
did you ever daydream

i have heard that life is a roller-coaster ride, and sometimes i feel that it is

but i am quite the master at switching off, and like a huge ocean liner, one stopped, i take so so long to engage the engines into thrust to set off across the waves once again....

anchor is down - i feel safe in this home port

all is temporary of course

momemtarily, the tide is kind, and the bay not too deep, but deep enough to float in

an eye must be kept on its' turn, that turning tide

and not to miss it, to end up beached as the rust begins to do its work the moment my broad base is exposed

and the air that was breathing space becomes something else instead
chemical reaction corrosion

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