Friday, March 09, 2007

Amazing scenes here yesterday @BJMansions

Still terrifies me @the images

Shocking brutal

Baby born into bath, literally dived into life.

Probably the most scared I have ever been in my entire life

No midwife or drugs or any medical assitance

The baby boy decides its time to arrive and just like his dad, after being a week late he bursts on to the scene in the most spectacular way.

Jules manages to ring 999 as I scoop the baba out of the water and beg to see him breath

Umbilical cord snapped and blood and gore everywhere.

He is breathing and alive!!!!!

Jules - how much pain yet still talk the ambulance to the door via the phone

Lil chic grace watching precedings from the landing, crying, I am trying to calm her with kind words and gentleness........ showing her new lil bro', how freaked out must she be.... yet gradually comes around and settles

Ambulance....... wonderful caring people attending to jules...... grandma and grandpa arrive on the scene in panic .... see me stting with new baba and lil grace on her bed.... laughing and crying... shocked stunned

Jules pale like a ghost

I know now why men dont have babies - simply not tough enough.

Thankfully all is well today, they are coming home this afternoon Jules and my boy.....

here they are....

I shall be 'wetting the head' later today.


Dave said...

Hey Big John
Many congratulations to you and Jules - you both seem to have coped brilliantly and your new arrival looks amazing.

Take car of yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mom and Dad, a bit of an onauthodox delivery but what a wonderful result.

And what a story for the grandkids

Lots of Love

Maureen and Bob

1 i z said...

Wow! That's quite a dramatic entrance the young lad made!

Glad all ok. Big grins from here.

Martin Wroe said...

powerful powerful reading this JOHN, it's like a shocking short story with a happy ending. well done to you all