Tuesday, February 06, 2007

just went into reflection mode after taking my daily web-visit to the wilsonmansions

got to revisit in my mind about organisations like the YMCA, and the like, and the role they have played in my life.
I am surprised at how much a part - significant - not because I was ever living in one, or volunteered working at one - let me explain....

First band I ever played in, used to be able to rehearse at the old Boys Club in Consett - which used to be above the Freemasons Arms - massive old falling down ramshackle pub (still there and open!) - At little cost, and even got us entered into the National Boys Clubs Battle of the Bands, and our first ever taste of London, Soho - massive for our egos and confidence - (we came nowhere, but got to meet Hank Marvin who was a judge!)

Then later, with the YMCA, I got a YTS scheme for 40 quid a week - clearing peoples gardens,and doing bits of painting and decorating for old folk and the like......
First job I was sent on was to assist a decorator to wallpaper an old lady's bedroom......
My experience of painting at this time was nil (save helping my mother when I was really small when she decorated every 5 minutes if i remember...)
Any how we gets to the job,sets the gear up,wallpaper pasting table and all, and I just try to make myself useful and not get in the way........ until, the supervisor leaves us alone, and the older lad who is the decorator waits 5 mins, peeks out the window to make sure the coast is clear, then says 'right I am off, you will have to paper the room out'!!!!! I will come back at half 3 or so, and you better be done - and he f***ks off on his motor bike.......!!!!

First day on the job
Not a clue what to do
Where to begin
He was a git

You know what - by half 3 that room was papered.
I did it
It probably was the worst wallpapering job seen in Consett in many a year
But the old lady was happy
The git was happy when he landed back, just before the supervisor and took the credit....

I was not bitter
You know what - I thought eff you - nobody needs to know that I did it.
I know....

So, I did that YTS scheme twice, next time with a similar agency, but this time I went there as the number one paperhanger in the whole squad.
I put myself through college at the same time - paying for it myself - no training was offered other than 'just get on with it' by the agencies at the time - but I did 2 years City and Guilds Advanced Painting & Decorating - at the same time finishing that I set away working for myself - self employed.
I did this for over 15 years, and it got me our first house, and on into this house we live in now.

I digress..... so, I thank the YMCA and Boys Club for what....... OPPORTUNITY!

To learn to do it myself - but without the opportunity, I wonder where I would be now....

That music kickoff and self belief, being allowed to make mistakes and learn hmmmmmm

Now, later I know some wonderful YMCA related,involved folk - Pip, Ken, Richard....through Greenbelt mainly - a small world....... maybe God is trying to tell me something.... maybe coincidence.......I am not sure.

I left the world of painting and decorating some 5 years or more ago, because I lost the love for it.
And was lucky enough enough to be able to back to college to study music production, and in turn end up with this wonderful (underused at the moment!) recording studio that I always dreamed of.

I am (we are, the nobles!) at a big point massive time in our lives here.
We await soon, so soon now,the birth of our 2nd wee un baby
I feel all kinds, pride and fatherly-ness - and also anxiety and worry for the jules and the babes.

Kind of stuck, unable to do much - lack of plans in many areas.

I will sit it out, and be patient - I am here for reason, and that reason lies asleep upstairs sweetly....

I feel a bit isolated, but not in a bad way - nothing to be worried about -

End of blogwaffle

keep the faith...


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