Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the courage of walking in the unknowing...or jumping in puddles

please watch this

and you are listening to this

Introduced to the song by the wonderful Liz, last night at a meeting of wondrous GB folk - always beginning with a devotion

jumping in puddles is the translation of the song

and the devotion was a personal interpretation of how life is just that


if you can have the courage to watch the programme link, cos that what it will take to get through it,

let your heart break

mine did

i am not a softshite

sometimes the puddles are fallen tears
deep ones, almost deep enough to drown in

The programme was recommended by this fella, and features the work Of Sister Frances Dominica and Helen House - it is called The Children of Helen House

You can hear Sister Frances talk here, and please consider buying the mp3s while you are there

I am lost for words please please watch it

if you cant watch it let me know and i will put it up online if I can

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