Thursday, December 28, 2006

For the end of a Year

A closing
another passage ending
What is to come, only tomorrow knows

As a man I feel like an almost defeated sportsman
I seem to always be siding with the losing team of late

Their disappointment is my own

I try to make my own way, and some of the choices I make are downright ridiculous

Spur of the moment
Without foundation or substance

Stupid in some respect
Dangerous in the lack of it

No ill do I wish upon any other
In fact, a helping hand is one thing I always have to offer

But, what options are open as the year closes?
To carry on in a stubborn pig-headed self made fashion?

Or is it time to stop
Time to turn around
Face the fact that on my own I am destined for nothing
But lonely-ness

So I set to thinking
And I say to myself, or in prayer, Ok, how about it will go like this.....
And I start to make the plans again, and I will do this and I will do that....

And I find I am back where I started aren't I....

Trying to fashion the future of my own will

So, all I have now is realisation
Realisation that it is time to give up these things of the self.
The comfortable and the easy

So all I have is you

You who made me
Who gave me everything, every single thing that i possess
Which is plenty
Every precious thing that i broke and you stuck back together

This is not despair, for I see that is for others, not I
Isn't it?

I am stopping the car
Getting out of the driving seat
And will wait here for you until you come to take my hand

To take me into the next year, on a new road, 'less travelled' perhaps....

The road home.

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