Wednesday, December 06, 2006

blog idle

i know..... pathetic doesn't even come close to my lack of words.
A bigJohn feature -a failure - patheticness

I hear bono and Andreas Bocelli in the background....... beautiful...... coming down the broadband wires from this blog of beauty and wisdom

the fella should be a writer eh?

He was my inspiration to start blogging, and my reason for wanting to keep trying to do it.....

Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
Got to kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight.......

Later today off to London town to see Garth Hewitt - wondurful human - possibility to be working with him in the new year v exciting - one of the original greenbelt community and much more... check out his amos trust website from the link, and buy his latest album Stealing Jesus Back if you can.
Garth Hewitt - Stealing Jesus Back

2 weeks and more of living upside down in every sense of the word, following the trails and trepidations of Freddy Flintoff and Barmy Army trying to retain the Ashes in Oz - you can listen (if you have the stomach!) with the great TMS crew here - next match is thursday week in Perth - home of Bob and Maureen Killeen - (see earlier posts) - glad you guys got home safe and sound - amazing to see you both, and I promise to email you v soon - please see if you can do something with the WACA pitch to help our bowlers will you? (sandpaper? grit? grass seed???)

Andrew Flintoff celebrates taking the wicket of Damien Martyn

Truly awful 2nd test result.....

Local lad Paul Collingwood first England player to score double hundred one massive plus - got to look on the bright side eh?

The boys got to regroup and try something new - radical even.

It aint over til the fAt lAd(y) sings - looks like she is warming up tho.....

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