Sunday, September 10, 2006

sunday with the family

began late.... missed a morning, not unusual though.
Began with an overdue garden clearup and intention to plant some spring bulbs with chic gracey.
This is her pulling carrots we planted a few months ago...... green fingers chic...

beautiful weather day, warm, sunny, ideal 'pottering on' kind of vibe.

So, we gets motor loaded with bags of garden rubbish and deposit at local tip - then its off to find a beach to 'relocate' some nice rocks for said bigjohngardens.

found a great place 'tween sunderland and hartlepool - and lugged some beauties into car ......

('nicking rocks from the beach big man - are you aware that this is forbidden....blah blah....... enviroment...blah blah.... dont you know if everyone did it the shores of good old blighty would be eroded away in no time dear chap........' - yes, i know my conscience is troubled by this act, but then again, I am filing it under ' Advanced Shell Collecting' for the day I have to answer for my actions. )

Could be magnesian limestone, but looks kind of volcanic = pumiced featured.

Looks great in the garden.....

Then, heavy loaded up, back towards home, past the families on the way doen to the long rocky beaches in that part of the area, all with mini quad bikes, ages 2 - 50 dozens of em!
We stop at a fairly new nature park just opposite Penshaw Monument - used to be a massive quarry, now home to adventure playground for kids, lake, sculptures, amphitheatre, acres of grassland - still weather wonderful and stayed til sun dipped beyond horizon....

chips for tea in car - home - bath - bag packed for 2 day london visit, setting off 4AM (4 hours away!!!)

So, that was it, my family sunday.
I loved it. Precious.

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