Friday, September 08, 2006

the soundtrack of my life

thanks bhpip for reminding me of the concept, you know, songs you would use if there was a movie of your life.....
see the radio blog to the right here which i am updating as i go to 'soundtrack' my blog life as I go.

Fabulous concept.

Make it real, keep it real AJ said to close a message to the Thistlebar group earlier this week.

I am loving it real, even though sometimes it really hurts.

No pain no gain

(Cliche - level one - 2)

We are placed - find ourselves in situations we could have never expected - but we went cos we knew it was the place to go.


We are ambassaors of Glory.

Glory as in - hey, ok so you are telling me you know everything cos you done heroin, and no-one, no-one knows what you went through
And your dad dont give a shit
But you laud his progress and postion in life cos he travels the world First Class

And you are 30, and all I can say is, I am 41, and I am just recently thinking about becoming an adult........

And I know where your coming from

And we have a bond, a connection, and it is U2

Cos I sang a song you connected with me and you treated me as if I was your brother

Even though I was not high, except on the lyrical (and a couple of pints and maybe a JD and coke)

But we connected - cos you came to me and gave me 'the handshake' and stuck your face right in my ear to tell me 'that was fucking beautiful'

And I didnt know I was doing it for you, but I knew because I knew it was real and meant something to me, touched my soul, then I couldnt be the only one

So I retrospectively do it for you - Lee.......

And then I get into a taxi to come home, and it is another Lee, who I know from way way back and we talk of bands and music and such.....

and i share the same thought that consett has always cried out for a top live music venue.....

and I thank - I learn the lesson - i am on my knees and I do not deny the Glory that I carry within me because of the people I have met.

Not self-glory. though through it I am wrapped within It.

It is undeniable

It shines.

It shows the curve of the moon through all the darkness.

And I do see you in it.

'Don't believe what you hear
Don't believe what you see
If you just close your eyes you can feel the enemy.........'

'You can swallow and you can spit
You can throw it up
Or choke on it
You can dream, so dream out loud
You know that your time is coming round.......

So dont let the bastards grind you down......'


steve said...

ah ha
i just knew you would be out there somewhere
level 5 blogging
took some time but i found you in the end

so ... ready for GB07 yet?


bigjohn said...

ah steve! glad you found me, thanks buddy. did you get the ivite i sent to join the thistlebar yahoo group? would be great to have you in there. cheking out your blog right now...


steve said...

nope didnt hear anything about the thistlebar group - will search for it now and ask to join

just been browsing aorund tyour blog ... you like prefab sprout ... so do i ... from the very first album ... when love breaks down might be on my fumeral list :)

steve said...

well that failed
tried every variant on thistle/bar/greenbelt/john/pip/drinking blokes/good times/good grief it's late/wow is that the time


give me a clue :)
my email is
cos i am now litrering your comments with chit chat ... sorry