Sunday, June 12, 2005

broken music

is the title of Sting's autobiography, which jules brought home for me on request, to 'ave a butchers at. I am not a great reader, much to my own loss I know, but after seeing Mr Sumner on tv earlier in the week talking about his book, it sounded good. Also I wanted to check out what he had written about his early days on the geordieland music circuit, as some of his earliest recordings were done by some guys i have worked with in the past, and i wanted to see if they got a mention..... so i dived in about a quarter way through, and found myself reading for half a day, its so honest and he talks about stuff i can really relate to, fantastic and also aching, painfully real at times for me. A bass player, songwriter, traveller to london to 'make it', gigging, loads of directly related stuff that i have also done in my time.
I love him for it, for 'making it', and not ending up, as he says in the book, ' another failed geordie musician with a chip on his shoulder'.
There are many of us about, Mr Sting, more than you could know, but as a wise man once said so profoundly.....'its ok to fail......its not ok not to try'......... or something like that. Thanks Mike

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