Sunday, June 12, 2005

bit of a beer monster

in the last week, 4 nights out .....not good, i am really a bad next day after the drink kind of guy. Useless, must cut it down, not like me at all really. Started off last sunday going out unexpected with a pal to a typical north east working mens club, said pal, Smacka and john davies are a 'comedy duo', in the great tradition of north east club acts.
I love em both, and even they are what you might call old fashioned, (or worse!), it doesnt matter, they sure know how to entertain a working mans club. It was a shite club (Usworth and District actually), they were really not looking forward to it, but did the business (they might be able to tell you how i ended up singing 'loch lomond' dressed in a 3 sizes too small tartan jacket and rubber elvis wig to finish the night off, i blame the jack daniels....)

I have been avidly checking pip's blog this week, if you are a U2 fan, you will be, like me, more than a little green with envy.......cant wait til twickenham next saturday............

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