Tuesday, April 19, 2005

wee hours blog

its where i live a lot, the wee hours.
just back from monthly london gb mg trip.
20 quid return great deal on gner if you are quick.

thoughts go to many, especially to pip diddy, suffering with bugs and stuff. you are the blog conscience it has been decided pip. if we dont do it often enough, then its your voice in our heads that says, 'hey come on, i wanna know whats going on with you'

often we take too much for granted, in friendships and stuff especially, its human nature.
sometimes its good to stop and say to your buddy, hey i love you man.
you are just great. thanks for just being you.
pip, i say it to you.
indeed a bhp BHP!!!!>>>>>>

nuff of the blabber, heres a song, a poem, whatever, a piece from the train home........

who plugs your cables in?
who lights up yer night?
connects you
to the person next to you?

Not BT ot AOL
for me tonight
Its the divine broadband i am wired up to right now
I started on dial-up
But just got me some hypersonic

A fat lad in a thin place
with rachel and jude
pip andy paul and ken
a pint of the black stuff
short precious snatches of wireless human comms....

and the skin of my teeth
i caught the last train, only just
arse barely on the seat before it pulled out of the station

waiting for the trolley buffet now...
for a ham piece and a coffee

soul searched and nourished already.....

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