Wednesday, April 13, 2005


we all got them, things we do every day, things that must be done in a
certain waygetting up at a certain timetaking lunch at a certain placeworking in your own unique manner
some rituals are good then, some aint so good
got to brag about my non smoking for 1 whole week now, and though one
thing i really cant abide is an evangelistic ex-smoker telling you how
bad it is for you blah blah blah........
but the ritual of unwrapping the brown cigar stick from the red cigar
packet, lighting up and inhaling the brown cigar smoke, is now for me a
1 week old EX-ritual.
And I have to say, i havent felt better in a long time.I am still at the tail end of some nasty chest virus bug, that has had
me reeling for weeks, but the losing of the cigar smoking ritual has
been somewhat of a developing revelation.....
i can breath deep mmmmmmmm.i am not so tiredi dont stink of emi have regained something that the cigar smoking ritual was replacing
dont know what that is, but its like i have been in a smokey dream for
a long while, and the mist is clearing little by little.....
boy did i used to suck those babies right down, really inhale and get a
belt off em..............
thats the trouble with having an addictive personality - when you
really get into something, its all or nothing.
the coffee machine is getting some hammer, though strangely, the red
bull is taking leave of my craving along with the cigars......

what next one wonders............

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