Wednesday, March 02, 2005

special places

do you have 'special places'?

places you find, come across where you get a tingle, are able to look around and look inside at the same time...

where you connect

thin places

I have decided to get a better pic phone and make sure i take some pics of the thin places i find.

yesterday was at the coast, whitley bay of all places.

drooped off some kit, and had fish and chips looking out over the sea, then (even though it was perishing), wandered across the road to have a better look at the view......
found a shelter with a great view over tynemouth and north sea, the sky was a mixture of storm clouds and beautiful winter blue, there was nothing at all between me and the heavens and the deep blue yonder and all that lies therein..........

then tonight, taking a quick smoke break at me electronics nightclass in consett overlooking what used to be a massive steelworks site up til 1980 - its gone now, in its place we have a brand new college, macdonalds, morrisons and kfc and the like.........a swift and real moment of connection with something greater......... history....... present........ future

and sometimes here, sitting here, blogging or creating with some fancy bit of software like this! arkaos - really connecting sometimes - literally and metaphysically........

thin places ...........thin places............thin places

as a footnote, hope you spotted my new-found way of highlighting hyperlinks, without all that messy computer jargony code being visible to the reader

click on the underlined maroon words and explore


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