Friday, March 04, 2005

how amazing is this....

ok, please listen up, i have just discovered some software that will change your life.....

let me ask you a few questions and you can decide if you agree.......

do you ring people up, or have others ring you, when you are busy at your maccy or lappy or pc?
do you find it a chore sometimes and it interrupts your work?
do you pay for these calls, or the other person pay for the calls?
do you ever wish, when you are busy working away, wouldnt it be great to say hi, verbally and hear the other person say hi back, like telepathy!
but you are too busy typing away, doing what you do.

you NEED this software

maccy's, linux, windows, all platforms supported

i dont have anything to gain by bigging up this software, but i just tried it and could not believe the implications, and quality, and just pure fantasticness of it.

Basically it is completly free, you can be as anonymous as you need to be, you dont give out no addresses or phone numbers other than your email address when you register.

Enough! please please please download it, let it sit in your system tray, and call me on it, i am registered as bigjohnblog
I cant wait to hear from you........
(did i forget to say you need broadband, a soundcard and a microphone, built in one on a lappy will do, long as it works!) ok here it is, click the link

this software will change your life

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