Monday, February 28, 2005

why's and wherefore's

well, why do people blog, and why do I increasingly feel the need to, at certain times, write down stuff here.
Who reads it? Who cares?
Dont know if thats the point, or it is the 21st century version of the grandad or best friend you could just talk nonsense at, and they just listened.
Without judgement, just there for ya.

Its been a great week, and this weekend saw little chick's 2ND birthday on saturday.
Fantastic, little chick party with lil chick tables and balloons and chairs and cards.... 2 years since she entered me and the jules' life and made us whole in many ways.........she is beautiful imperfection, almost close as it gets......I look at her and hold on to the image, take a mental photograph of that moment, and say 'I will remember this moment forever'

Ebay.....back on the ebay wagon, if you ever sell stuff on there, there are many things that annoy, but one thing, above all other is people who buy stuff, win the auction, then tell you they dont want it....when you explain to them, its a binding contract, a winning bid, they get all smart on you and mock, and worse, then my blood boils.....
Always my first reaction with smartarses is confrontational, cyberspace fists up ready to rock and roll with them.......laughable really!
I am finding as I go on these 'non-paying bidders' as ebay calls them are just part of the way it works... I want to smash their noses in, then I want to take them to court, then I think, i WILL PUT A BASEBALL BAT THROUGH THEIR CAR WINDSCREENS.......
Dont worry, I never do any of it....these are fleeting thoughts and fancies, though I know if you could know how some of these people talk to you, you may not be as forgiving....really!

I consider myself sometimes to be somewhat of a business tough guy, its an image I dont do much to defer people from, I believe in fairness, love a good deal, dont like ripping no-one off, though its very difficult sometimes to be 100 percent honest, unfortunate, I know, but the way of the world.
I do my best with it, its not the be-all and end end-all, its a way to pay some bills, and it sure beats working! I want to be better at it, but I end up just getting by....
must try harder......

Still listening to LAMBCHOP, in particular ALL of no you c'mon album, its just sooooo great, been playing non stop all week, never heard of them til I saw them at Greenbelt festival last year, pushing the pram around with jules late into the evening looking for somewhere to park ourselves and take something in, a park bench emptied as we stood behind it, and we grabbed it, and these guys, Lambchop were onstage - a limited view, but the sound postioning was perfect, sat for 20 mins til the chick got bored, but in that time the tunes just soaked into my skin.... I remembered one when i heard it again called 'the producer'....instrumental track from aforementioned album.
Do yourself a real favour and get the album(s)..........

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