Saturday, February 26, 2005

streaming media

just got sorted some software to enable recording of streaming media from the net, that allows you to save anything that is playing through your soundcard to be saved as an mp3.
Its called Total Recorder available from these good folk

Its for PC, but a similar tool for Mac folk, Audio Hijack, can be found here

With total audio, you adjust the settings for your particular machine, then hit record button, as soon as it 'hears' any output from your soundcard, it saves to a temp directory, then when you heard what you need recording, press stop, and save as your output file.

The you need this bit of kit to edit your saved mp3 a brilliant easy to use tool that allows you to edit and chop up an existing mp3 to make new ones, so if you record a whole streaming radio show, you can just snip out the songs you wanna keep, and save them as new mp3's! Brill!
Maccy's can try this free sound editor to chop up mp3's looks canny though i havent tried it........

First song i recorded using this new little setup is 'Mighty Ocean of Alcohol" by Bap Kennedy (Brian Kennedy's brother), featuring Shaene Mcgowan ex Pogues.... fantastic, recorded from Mark Radcliffe show live from the Tsunami Comedy night last week.... you can listen to the whole show here rtsp:// thats a real audio stream, and the Bap Kennedy song is about 53 mins in, just after Eddie Izzard.....

Or if you just wanna hear the song, for a short time you can listen here...

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