Thursday, February 10, 2005

1000 miles.....48 hours

U2 latest gigs list? no no, its nobby on tour - me

mega-trip offloaded big stuff to good folk who were kind enough to offer me the right price (very fair of course....)

seen a good bit of england in 2 days from the motorways and by-roads.....

i even bought a map at last! why didnt i think of that before

usually take a list-map type in where i am going to in and work from that

why do i never remember that driving into london is such a nightmare!!!!!!

The good old A1, went to the very start of it - junction 0!, dropped me load at a shop right there, just before the congestion charge zone, then high tailed it outta ther (at 5 miles an hour for 2 hours!!!)

I like the A1, it takes me home eventually, sometimes a big 4 lane motorway, aomestimes a one lane track, cuts right through towns and villages from london up to edinburgh, with a ncdonalds every few hundred come there is absolutely no nourishment whatsoever in a big mac? none. why do i keep eating them them?
Cos there there i suppose and i venture onward to the next port, cant settle, must get to the next gig, want to be home, can't be a tourist, try to be, try to stop and smell the flowers, look at the view, can't dont wanna, not on holiday, no jules and grace to share it with so i wont bother...
business is business, i am lucky and i am knackered,

electronics course i was late cos of all my travels, and the boss dont look too happy with me, he dont like anyone late.... tough titty.....
capacitors, mathematical equations, values, gotta catch up, weeks behind.....bollocks i says and pull out a knackered portable dat recorder (top of the range), any chance of us taking a look at this i ask, i could turn a few bob on it if we can get it we have the back off....

I like it, it is what life is.....when you are busy making plans, getting it right, getting it organised, putting it into place, everything in order....STOP!!!!!

Just says bollocks, and have the back of it, and look inside.........

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