Friday, January 28, 2005

a letter to pip

beautiful pip words
to describe your hate of things, and remembrance too.
moved me.

i too hate but its a feeling i hate.
I get nasty, vicious with the tongue, not the fists, not in many years.
Thank God.

Choices,, i guess to not react in a physically violent way, though i know i am capable.
It lives within me, rage, it is God-given.
As are my hands and feet, and tongue, but He leaves it up to us to decide what to do with them.

We choose to spray paint an NF symbol on someones car.
Or to walk with the peace-marchers through the streets.
To monkey-chant black footballers.
Or to kneel and pray instead.

Choices - these choices are not always well made....
Surroundings and company we keep influence them directly
Our upbringing and lot in life dictate, until we meet the One who can change our way of thinking
Our way of reacting, or acting, pro-acting.

Many images and programmes and radio talk of 60 years of Auschwitz death camp, burn into the soul....
Difficult to discuss, describe, leaving one silent and humbled.....

Where was God when all this was going on?
I remember this question from jumbled images of a survivors account of witnessing men women and children being slaughtered in front of their eyes........WHERE WAS GOD!!

The survivors' answer? ......

God was right there, right in the middle of the dying, He was there on the gallows, in the gas chamber.
Alongside the child, holding hands.... He was right there in the centre......being crucified.

Lord, the choices we make
Let them be made after remembrance
After thoughtfullness
not in hate
or fury
May we choose to love
Even though to love is often the hardest choice

Choose to love
Choose to love......

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