Wednesday, January 26, 2005

did you get your u2 tickets yet?

all the info at

just got sorted for twickenham and glasgow

its all bubbling....---whehey!!!!!!!

look what they are fetching already on ebay man!


I wont be parting with mine though, rest assured..........

got a comment from dave from Greenbelt - hi Dave, is that dave from Centaur?

How you doing?
Thanks for the offer the the stuff, but you may be mixing up the fact that mny missus used to work the the drummer from after the fire.

Are you doing the centaur gig this year?

Feeling good here, new loo has just landed (see previous blog for loo incident sunday!!!)

need some kip then will tackle fitting it

Its a dirty job but someones got to do it........

Now lets see how much he wants for 4 tickets at twickenham............. what! 1500 quid!!!!!

No thanks, mine are travelling with me, wouldnt miss it for nothin.........

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Dave said...

Yep, the very same man. I'll put confusion down to late nights in the bar. Centaur - don't know - hope so - guess in the hands of Greenbelt. Finally got my tickets for Twickenham. Thought the prices were very steep - can understand it for Rolling Stones etc where most of the audience is now middle-aged, middle class, but for U2 it does risk alienating younger fans who simply don't have that kind of money. Not missed a tour since 82 though so guess I fit neatly into the middle-aged bracket these days.

Pity I only just discovered your day job - had job lot of mixing gear I had stripped out of company relocating a while ago. Was stored by friend who sadly died - finally got round recently to aksing his wife if I could collect it, only to be told she thought it was junk so had binned it! Fortunately I had kept mikes and power amps so all not lost.