Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some of My Favourite Things

I am currently listening to last nights U2 360 show in Helsinki, courtesy of the avid and intrepid fans out there who record (with great quailty) each and every gig the band do - and - I am uplifted greatly, and reminded of a word that has been eluding me somewhat of late. Mission.
Space mission, vocational mission, spiritual mission, musical mission... its all out there awaiting discovery. One needs to just begin the journey, or re-begin it, by standing up and putting best foot forward.
I do like how the U2 musical quartet keep finding me with their music, lyrics and vibe.

Like just now out of the side door, weary a bit and unexpectedly. I found them again just when I wasn't looking. Or listening. Am now though :) Blooming marvelous.

I just joined a great North East England band myself in the past month or so, and that has lifted me up so much in many ways. Off me fat arse not being least of them...
We have been rehearsing here at fAtlad studios and making some wonderful noise ourselves. Whilst not running away with myself with over-expectations too early, its a great natural feel and sound and vibe playing and hanging out with these guys of late. My kids well love it too, definite family and community thing going on here I hope grows and flourishes. Plenty of hard work ahead in that department, but with that strong wind at our backs, and a rising road, you know, as they say God willing, Let it Be...

The band is called Opas and you can check out some rehearsal sounds, and earlier recordings (before I came aboard), over at our Facebook Page 
Work has also begun our our own website, all very exciting stuff as we prepare for the upcoming live gigs in September. Watch this space...

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