Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A song for Palestine

Soooo.... me starts something (Adventures in Technology...) and it lasts a week or so, and I get bored with it... same old same old!

But instead I have been working with Logic Studio on me dear black macbook, with some result!

Very much a work in progress but here is a song called (Please) Cross The Line.... (Palestine)

Cross The Line (Palestine)

A culmination of memories feelings and hopes from my trip to Palestine with the greenbelt 21 a year gone October, and much more....

Here are the lyrics:

Is a place
Far away, far away

Fear is a place
Close to home
Closer to home

First, take a step
Cross the road
To the unknown

Fear won't fulfil you
What hurts you, just might kill you

You'll cross a line

I got over myself
With a breath
And some help....

I walked to the wall
Prayed it would fall
Wrote your name on a picture
All could see

Galilee... down the road...

Temples and cathedrals everywhere
Set in stone
Living Stones
Skin and Bone

Holy Holy Holy
Bullets holy, holy

Fire, 'cross the line

I, I know you were here
'Cos I was there
I stood in your garden

In the bulldozer tracks
The bulldozer tracks
In the bulldozer tracks...

Ancient Olive trees
Summoning me

Please, cross the line
Please, cross the line
Please cross the line
Israel Palestine
Please cross the line...


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