Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Up The High Road

Another great night, great spot and I thought the sound was on the whole damn good where I was (opposite Edge, 5 o'clock to his right leaning on the back rail of the pit)

Was with Mrs Jules (who absolutely loved the whole day), and a mate Twiggy
who brought along his 14 year old first time U2 show.....
it was brilliant being with them and seeing the joy and rapture of their faces throughout......

Enjoyed a stroll around the pitch while The Hours were playing (who I am really liking)

And also Glasvegas, who seemed much more at home (obviously!), in their home patch,
and the singer really started to get into it to the end of their set.....
they were still getting a hard time from one or 2 very vocal big gobs right next to us,
but all in all went down very well

The technology gremlins were in abundance, not just for the sound guys
(we were located close to a giant sub-bass bin that started to go into meltdown
during MLK, just before Walk On and the total collapse for a few minutes of the entire PA),
I had 2 phones also that were set up to broadcast some snippets and twitpics that also decided, nah, you just watch the show instead - same for my camera, almost every pic I took came out blurred..... did get a few gems though....

Highlights for me were Vertigo, ISHFWILF, Unknown Caller karaoke, UV and MOS.
Think we were rather lucky that the rain that the forecast predicted pretty much held off,
more of a fine Celtic mist hung around all day, which maybe seeped into the electronics
and was to blame for all the techie glitches.

As I left the stadium, my thoughts were already on tomorrow night in Sheffield, but I couldn't help stop and pause a moment, and again try to take in the enormity of the whole 360 concept.
This pretty much sums it up.... bewildering and magnificently ginourmous, splattered with moments of intense intimacy........ who else but U2?

They even punched keyholes in the sky.....

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