Monday, March 23, 2009

how did you cope with mothers' day?

did you send flowers if you have one?
did you think of them if you no longer have one?

did you argue with yours?
did you give them a hug, or wish to God that you could give them a hug
But distance, whether it be physically or emotionally, meant you just could't reach Her?

Is she out of reach?

Were you at the bosom?
Were you part of the fold, or a wandering lamb?

Did she come to you?
Did you go to her?
Did you meet somewhere in no mans' land, on a ceasefire?

I realised in the middle of the night that Saturday totally passed me by
And it was too late for me to get a card or flowers for the mother in this house
I knew that was bad... real bad...
The mother in this house is othersise known as my missus, and the day, as you can imagine
Had to start with an apology
From me..... shit... i just forgot.. i am such a pre-occupied fool with other things
It went by me like a shooting star, but i was blind to it.

Luckily G & D had flowers and cards and hugs... special like

And thanks must go to Asda for being open on a Sunday
Albeit with no flowers left and cards a fiver a pop....

Leading me to instead to go for a bottle Of Bombay Sapphire Gin
2 bottles of Schweppes tonic
And a big bag of lemons.

That fixed it.

And a trip to the other mother (in law)
Who prepared the feast, and received the flowers
That the missus would not dare forget to get.....
And cooked the best yorkshire puddings eaten in a long time
With the mix the mother wife had prepared
Cooked in the yorkshire pudding tins that I rescued a few months ago

From the bin
That was at my own mothers house, that my sister had dumped
While clearing her now empty house and home

The yorkshire pudding tins that you cannot buy anymore
Deep and black from years of use
The ones that my lovely wife had told me to go and rescue that day we emptied the house

Not before I stopped in at the Crematorium
And walked around the place where she lies

Today, windblown and stormy, but clear
Walked and looked in the chapel of remembrance
That was closed, peeked in the windows
And looked beyond, into the blue and green distance

And said I miss you mam
Oh how you are missed
More than I thought I would
I hope you heard me
In my thanks for looking out for me from the other side

That today brushed my cheek
And blew my hair

Hope you catch the one I threw up there.

xxxxx Happy Mothers Day xxxxx

1 comment:

Rainbow dreams said...

I know what you mean about those Yorkshire pudding tins.. my Mum makes hers in ones from my great grandmother, handed down...special memories, and they never taste the same in other tins. Glad they were rescued.
Sending love to you, Katie,x