Friday, February 13, 2009

Father Musallams Letter

Here is a very special song, written by Garth Hewitt around the words of a recently received letter from the Latin church parish priest of Gaza, Father Manuel Musallam.

Here is a link to the letter in full, and an extract below.

Please view and watch, listen and share.

Tell the story my friends......


"From this valley of tears, from Gaza drowning in blood, the blood that has stifled the happiness in the heart of one and a half million people, I bring to you these words of faith and hope. I do not use the word "love", that word has been stuck in our throats even in the throats of Christians. The priests of the Church raise the banner of hope so that God will have mercy and compassion on us and to give Him a chance to rest in Gaza, in this manner the light of Christianity that was ignited in the early church, by Deacon Felipe will continue to shine. May the compassion of Christ raise our love up to God, even though at this time it is in "critical condition".

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paulwchambers said...

brings it all back ... thanks for your help this week mate

bought some cohibas the other day...will keep them for the for you, one for pip, one for mr henderson....and the final one for our dear crazy bearded departed friend!