Sunday, January 25, 2009

BBC? - BBsChmee

I have never really given a toss who runs the BBC or what they broadcast really, all my life, just accepted it, and watched it, good and bad.
Kind of trusted them in a way.
Listened to their news, Match of the Day, Dad's Army, Morecambe & know all the usual....enjoyed the cosy-ness and British-ness of it, BBC is part of me, who I am.

Until this week, now my eyes are open and suddenly, like I have been shaken awake from my slumbering years of TV hypno-pathos.

Now the BBC, and more specifically those who are running it, have been outed for what they are.

They are wrong not to broadcast the DEC appeal, and in not broadcasting it, have merely given the appeal more publicity than it would have ever generated by a single BBC showing.

But at least now we know where the BBC stands on the subjects of justice and compassion, and I can now all remove those rose-tinted BBC-trusting x-ray-poisoned TV specs that I didn't even know I had on these past 44 years.

I am angry and really want to swear. BBC. Cunts. There, I did it.

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