Monday, January 26, 2009

03700 100 222 : BBC complaints dept

update on my latest complaint to BBC.

Last night's 10PM news on BBC specifically -

Immediately after the newscaster reported the BBC was 'sticking by' their decision not to broadcast the appeal by DEC for GAZA, they followed it up, without a breath by 'reporting independently and apolitically' (my words not theirs), that Hamas leaders were yesterday on the streets of Gaza handing out money to people whose houses have been bombed. This report was accompanied by images of Hamas politicians handing out envelopes with cash inside.

What this callous piece of editing did was to subliminally suggest to the viewer that if the BBC DID show the appeal, look what would happen to the money that the viewer would be sending - the BBC subliminally suggested that by supporting the DEC appeal, by sending aid to Gaza, that the cash would end up in the hands of Hamas.
In presenting this piece in the way they did I believe that the BBC is actively discouraging its viewers from supporting the DEC appeal, and lending support to the Israelis claim that there is no humanitarian crisis currently in Gaza.

Number again to complain is 03700 100 222

When you get through, you will be presented with an option 1 to 'listen to a pre-recorded message' that spouts some spiel about freeing up the operators time if you are ringing to complain about the decision not to show the appeal by taking this option, and that your listening to this pre-recorded announcement will be noted.

I did that, then I rang back and held on for 10 minutes to register my complaint properly with a real (scottish) person.....

It was politely noted (I could hear her typing it up), and explained to me that it would be forwarded to whoever........

Get on those phone guys, today is the day, make the BBC reverse its decision.

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paulwchambers said...

complaint has been made my friend

any chance you can email me as the one i have for you keeps returning to me... want to ask your advice on a matter mate...