Sunday, December 21, 2008

a christmas to remember

we all have special ones, and this will be; is already becoming one.

Not for reasons I would have chosen.

My mam sadly passed away yesterday morning, and we are all in mourning here.

I wish everyone who reads this the most joyous Noel - and to remember those who suffer at this time of present giving and celebration.

Especially to those who have recently lost loved ones, and to my own family and friends.

And to those who live in the Land once called Holy.

In Palestine, my broken heart is because of them also at this time.

To Joan, to whom I owe my existence, and to God.
I am sure you both are having words this very moment.
Be kind to Him, mam.

I love you xxxxx


Awareness said...

God bless Big John and Julie.x
My heartfelt sympathies to you and your family.

Your wishes touch me dearly.

Will be sending my thoughts your way.


1 i z said...

Big hugs to you Big John.

Be kind to yourself as well.