Tuesday, November 11, 2008

gravity... how giraffes get pregnant.... and other methods to dream up a festival

so, i am on de train

national express.... when your lifes in a mess
it will make you smile

as Divine Comedy so well put it

Of course they were talking about when the National Express used to run the busses.
Now they got de trains as well.

I am currently on a one that I have seen before - it was from an early episode of The Likely Lads, first aired in the late 60's or early 70's.
But it goes and it tekkin me yem.

What takes me away from my comfy seat back in Tantobie is the Table group - a Greenbelt production.
Unsure of what it is or where it came from or where its going, I found myself taking notes on me macbook as the lovely gay Ben has left that role open since his departure to Performing Arts or some other fancy area of the festival.
I dont think i can fill your shoes Ben in this role as well as you, mainly because I am a size 10 and those lovely glittery heels dont quite fit me. I am saving up for a pair of me own though, dont worry.

So the discussion is...... well I guess its not for me to say here.
Something about venues and campaigning.

Lots about venues and campaigning actually.
And food and wine and a more than a nod and a wink to the Table from whence this group was born out of.

Where there was 13 souls
And bread and wine
And discussion about venues and campaigns...... no doubt.

We try to leave a few places open at the Table just in case you drop by...... you know you are always welcome here......

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