Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visit Israel..... Discover Palestine......

25 hours after we left Galilee yesterday, by coach, air and car, I am home.
I knew I was on home soil when i woke in the car in the early hours, in a lay-by, and it was pissing with rain.

No matter, a minor inconvenience that could not fail to stop the music and words and pictures that are flying around inside my head.
Lyrics, tunes, prayer, faces, walls, temples, mountains........

2 things are clear

We have a message from Palestine, 2 actually.

Number 1...... we are asked to tell the stories of the Palenstinian people, to give them a european and worldwide voice..... to set free individual stories from the land behind an 11 metre high concrete wall. Stories of and from people, who, oddly enough, are just as human as you and I.

This process we shall begin by us processing dozens of hours of captured audio and video, thousands of photos, and reams of pages of scribbled words.
We shall try to turn them into simple, understandable messages for you to soak in.
As we did
In Palestine
The land behing the wall
11 metres high
with electified razor wire as its' cake icing
and castle turrets and checkpoints at every corner, of which there are hundreds
with guns and video cameras and teenage and twenty-something soldiers
waiting for you to look at them in the wrong way.

Number 2 message is an invitation, from the heart of Bethlehem.
A way ahead, of which we can be a real part.
We have been invited to come make festival.
In Bethlehem, Palestine.
The land behind the wall
11 metres high
With graffiti art so beautiful in its temporary disguise of its oppressive background canvas

We have been invited home.
Greenbelt has been invited home to make festival.

The kingdom is coming
I have a deep feeling its gonna be one hell of a party.

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