Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fat lad in a holy place day 2/3

wanted to blog earlier, exhaustion prevented, up early today but not as early as other days.
a good social night out smoking bubble pipes in a big lovely tent like structure could deffo catch on else where......

superstrectched emotions sure make you feel alive in this place that is the most alive

detail here now would not do justice to experience, and must be processed further before delivery

all i can say is when you ask God to take your heart and make it break, you sure better be ready for the wrecking ball that comes.

we are getting mashed up here, but the shepherd is our gate.

if we try to stray we know that He will come after us to lovingly break our wandering legs, and hang us around his neck until we are healed.
I still find myself still drifting towards the wolves of night though, now I must be more mindful and faithful, which is gonna be some challenge.
Bring it on baby

love you mrs jules and danny and grace. see you soon m'dears xxxxxxxxxxxx

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