Monday, September 29, 2008

if you don't like me (a drabble)

if you don't like me

maybe it's because you don't know me
or maybe you know me all too well
or even you know me better than myself

is it because of my appearance
or the colour of my face
or the way i speak

or maybe you don't like me because of what i have to say

maybe you pretend to like me
and talk about me when i am not around
your eyes give your real agenda away though
your body language cannot fib

do I care if you don't like me
and try to tailor my behavior to suit you
cater to your needs for me to conform
to what your idea of acceptable is

or do i just try to be myself
in all my broken glory
carrying the scars of hatred gathered over time
on view for all to see

maybe its that you don't like
you don't like what you see or hear
perception can be deceitful
if you could only see inside me

then maybe you could help me release the rainbow

you provide the sunshine
and i will give you the tears

to let the light do its' magic

1 comment:

Rainbow dreams said...

so the ending, letting light work it's magic, thats beautiful, Katie,x