Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the eve

well, its the eve of the big event of the year, Greenbelt 08 - Rising Sun

for some it has already started, the build, the planning, contractors, workers, early bird volunteers all well into the week.
I am told its windy there and to bring wellies
I am hopeful for a settling of the weather, as last year when it was glorious

As usual I am last minute, just ready to pack the gear all listed to box up and load up...

All new system for conversion of all the Talks that happen this year, MAC based, and should see a vast improvement in technical quality of output, which is only right and proper for all you MP3 listeners, we have secret audio weapons at our disposal this year...
Got to do justice to the speakers and aim for quality to compliment their often prophetic utterings. Excited and prepared here.....

Another dream last night - greenbelt related - this is half a dozen in the last year on the eve of greenbelt related events.
What is amazing about them is how real they are and the tremendous sense of well being I wake up with. And how they conclude, there is usually closure at the end of them. Crazy, mad fast colourful drum-banging visions.
I wake and hit the keys and extract the threads before they fade, some sense reveals itself this way, not all, but it creates a peace within.
A feeling that in time, all will be revealed, and all dreams will make sense. Reason will conquer confusion. But not without strife and toil first, these are to come. That is assured.

Its like a battle, with words and actions being shown up as the only way to fuel the vehicle that clunks along the road less traveled...

Am I to old to start at 43 to start training for London 2012 Olympics?
Surely by then there will be something I could be good at will be included as a sport.
Tiddlywinks (they got ping pong!)?

Have to say I am inspired by some of these athletes, Lightning Bolt running like no man ever-
Team GB cyclists turning pedaling into an Art form and trying to will our Paula along that grueling 26 odd miles, the tears flowed like a lass.... not ashamed, wish i could have picked her up and carried her those last few miles.
And of course not forgetting those who are just glad to be there, and finish the race long after everyone else, with no hope ever of any medal... and for the countries you dont seem to there... Tibet... Palestine...
China looks incredible, despite there horrendous regime in charge, maybe after all some real change may come after the Olympics fever has past, some real freedom i pray for their to remain after all the teams have gone home.

I felt it enter the frame when Mr Bolt had just won the 100 metres and they played Bob Marley big style over the tannoys, God made His grand entrance just then, in a reggae styleee.....

Take care if you are travelling to festival this weekend, and don't forget to buy some talks please.
Tell them big John sent you.

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