Monday, June 02, 2008

my mind is like my garden
at the moment
quite beautiful in parts

but in the main, mostly unkempt and untidy
a bit scraggy

in need of weeding,
some loving care and tending to the soil

the dirt is where it all grows you know

filled with lots of new stuff, lots of it just self seeds
some very old growth in there too - wise and saying nothing
a home for big old crows, and tiny chicks

snails find many a dark corner to live there unusual life out

It is easier to just keep revisiting the same old favourite sun-shaded havens
instead of getting around to pay some much needed attention to the real mess

I will dig
try to fix
labour, sweat, attend.

love the work ahead.......

1 comment:

Awareness said...

your words here, which are lovely.....i love the garden analogy remind me of the description Father O'Donahue used in Anam Cara, which I bought when i with Pip one day.....

he writes often about our inner work happens deep in the soil of our soul....

also....have never been a fan of orderly the mess and the fury of many blooms among some of the weeds. It has much more character and it reminds me that there is always some contemplative work to be done....